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Shira Kozak is an intuitive numerologist, author and expert coach who brings exceptional qualities to her coaching, qualities that give her the clear advantage over assembly-line methods, as well as the edge you need to grow, shine and excel.   She's spent over 25 years developing the following awesomeness:

P r o f o u n d   I n s i g h t:   Shira's penetrating insight gets to the heart of the matter quickly and compassionately so you don't waste precious time and resources floundering around for answers.  Together we take a holistic approach to your most intimate desires, goals and needs and marry this approach with a high level of conscious awareness. 

E x p e r t i s e:   I've been where you are.  I have taken the steps you are about to take.  I've done the work and I'm continuing the journey.  Perhaps more importantly, I know how you feel.   I have a lifetime of experience with the flavors of life's joys, curveballs, illusions, difficulties, as well as a decade of experiential  knowledge walking the path.  I've worked to gather the wisdom given to me and to distill it into a real, accessible and digestible way of teaching and coaching clients. 

I n t e g r i t y:  With a natural blend of self-awareness, talent and self knowledge, Shira is in integrity with her being and her world.  She doesn't coach or teach because it is the fad of the moment; she is a teacher through and through.  Being in integrity gives you, the coachee, a profound advantage by partnering with someone:

» Who offers superior clarity you can -  and should - take advantage of.
» Whose personal expertise will benefit you  immediately,  &
» Whose wisdom derives from experiencing both the false self and its inadequacy, and the authentic self with its capacities of being:  joy, delight in life, love, intelligence, power, love of truth, compassion, and peace.

We offer the following services:
Personal Numerology Report
Personal Spiritual Coaching
Strategic Thought Partner (or STP)


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Call or email Shira.  She answers her own phone and reads her mail.

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