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I could describe joy to you or I could help you discover joy.  (And by the way, joy feels great.  Joy feels amazing and expansive and right.  It's a warm giddiness overflowing with love.  It's two ice cream sundaes on a really hot day followed by a mint julep.  It's the delicious aroma of cotton candy on the boardwalk and a pocketful of chocolate.  It's a good hair day that goes on forever.) 

My hope is that by expressing my truth, I'll inspire and empower you to recognize and pursue all the goodly stuff that makes you happier than St. Nick on December 24th.


Personal Numerology Report: 
Shira uses Intuitive Numerology to give you the inside scoop on your true nature, which when revealed will act as your personal North Star.  It gives you the edge needed to be victorious in relationships, your spiritual path, finance and business.  
Session is 90 minutes.

Strategic Thought Partners:

Today's high-performing leaders are turning to a new breed of advisor to enhance their own decisions and dramatically improve their capability to deliver high-impact results and exceptional value.  Now more than at any time in history, everyone needs a neutral someone to confer with, someone who has no agenda and who can serve as your personal champion and success advocate.   Session times are flexible and are based on availability in the schedule and client needs.  Typical sessions are 60 minutes in length, with check-ins of 15 minute increments available.  

            Suggestions for utilizing a Strategic Thought Partner:

  • Evaluating innovative new ideas
  • Thinking through important decisions
  • Depressurizing highly charged personal situations
  • Exploring personal aspirations and goals
  • Drawing out ideas and solution alternatives
  • Creating thinking space
  • Acting as an unbiased sounding board
  • Giving honest, candid feedback

Personal Coaching: 
Shira's coaching is a spiritual exploration that helps you access deeper, more expansive levels of your true self.  Your first session includes a Personal Numerology Report with a generous session length that gives you ample time to explore, ask questions, and get to know my coaching style and its benefits.  Together we'll begin to explore where you are and what's not working for you, and how we can partner to get you where you'd like to be.  Initial sessions are 90 minutes.  Subsequent sessions are 50 minutes.  While coaching is uniquely individual, keep in mind that specific issues/goals will take approximately 90 days to work through, depending on the depth, goal, and blockages that need to be addressed.  Breakthroughs occur regularly, and they occur to the depth that you allow yourself the freedom and ease to break through. 

When you call, be sure to ask me to give you the inside scoop about resistance to what is.  I am a professional.  : )


EXCELL Services

Please call for pricing for:

-One-hour Intuitive Readings,
-Breathwork Coaching, &
-Angel Awareness Services (private and group)

For SourceLight Healing visit: www.EssentiaLifeHealing.com

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