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Shira Kozak

Chief Coach & Mentor, Solutions Guru, Official Trailblazer:  there are many terms of endearment we could use to describe our Founder, but one thing is for sure -- she’s an entrepreneur through and through.

Shira Kozak was born in 1966 in Lexington, Kentucky.  She grew up in the bedroom community of Wyomissing, Pennsylvania and later attended Lebanon Valley College with dual majors in French and business administration.  Throughout her career, Shira served as a project manager in Manhattan for major financial firms such as PaineWebber, Sanford Bernstein, and Bear Stearns--unaware that her life was going to change forever on September 11, 2001, her son’s third birthday.

As New York’s legendary Twin Towers fell around her, Shira turned from Wall Street and embraced the spiritual life instead.  Her interest in coaching, metaphysics and the healing arts soon became her passion and later the foundation for both her life and her work.  In 2004 her story of friendship, “Out of the Ashes,” was published in the anthology, Secrets and Confidences, and her novel The Cavalier won a coveted PASIC award in 2006.  An author, Reiki Master Teacher, and voice for the Ascended Masters and Archangels, Shira has studied and traveled the U.S. extensively in pursuit of her higher gifts.

“We don’t have a life--we are Life itself,” Shira points out.  “In the rubble of 2 Rector Street, I found my calling.  And I love to help others do the same.  For me, being ‘successful’ comes from listening to people and understanding the challenges they face.  My clients tell me over and over how much they appreciate the courtesy, compassion, and patience I bring to life problems and their solution.”

"This is a very personal business--a business built on trust," Shira adds, smiling.  "I wouldn't have it any other way."


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